Crown Royal

I’m not a super big alcohol drinker, but I’ll pour a small glass of something to sip on every now and then. In the days when I was a drinker, more than I am now, my drink of choice was Remy Martin only. I wouldn’t drink anything else. A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to the world of whiskey through Jack Daniel’s. I was 29 years old and had never tasted Jack Daniel’s, or any kind of whiskey. After that I decided to do a little adventuring and taste tested and I discovered something that I had known existed my entire life via through purple velvet bags that everyone born in the 1950s or earlier would have around the house contain various things that they wanted to store: Crown Royal.

Outside of the purple bags I was familiar with the name Crown Royal through various rap songs, and most recently to discovering the drink for myself, through a song by Rittz named after and an ode to the Canadian Whiskey. My first time with Crown Royal was with it’s original flavor, Fine De Luxe, but I later found out that there were dozens of flavors of the whiskey for me to try. After a year or so of buying and trying about three of the flavors that I’d known about at that point I decided to create my own ode to the drink I’d come to enjoy a lot.

I’m not a rapper, well not anymore, so I decided to create a visual ode to the whiskey most commonly know simply as Crown. And so became a journey of grabbing every flavor Crown that I could find and coupling it with a models that I’d befriended and giving each flavor the love it deserves. I will admit that the Texas Mesquite flavor I am NOT a fan of and did’t realize this until tasting it for the first time during the shoot for it. Smells great those.

At the moment, this project is not complete as there are a few flavors that I haven’t had a chance to shoot, as well as the fact that there a new flavors that I still haven’t gotten my hands on. So look for this collection to expand in the future. This project is in no way connected to or sponsored by Crown Royal and is just something that I wanted to do to say thank you for the great drinks. (That doesn’t sound too alcoholic, does it? I hope not.)

Crown Royal Fine De Luxe
featuring Jennifer Morris

Crown Royal Salted Caramel
featuring Amanda

Crown Royal Apple
featuring Nancy Tong

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite
featuring Aakriti

Crown Royal Maple
featuring Devi