Shooting Film

About two months ago I stopped by my father’s house for something, I can’t remember what, but we ended up talking about camera stuff as we do sometimes and he mentioned that he had a film camera that he’d shot some stuff with recently. I told him that I’ve been wanted to shoot some film for a while now and asked to borrow the camera. He GAVE me the camera. Now I have a film camera. I hadn’t touched said camera for about two months because I didn’t like the lens that he had on it; the focus wheel would click as I turned it, and I’m sure that’s not supposed to happen, so I set it aside while for when I could work up some money to get a cheap Canon lens to check it out.

After chatting with a guy I met on Twitter about cameras and bringing up going out to buy a lens adapter so that I could just use my Nikon lenses on it, he mentioned that they’re extremely cheaper on Amazon, so I looked… Instead of the $60 that I was prepared to spend, I found one (multiple really) for under $20, so I grabbed one. The adapter came in a few days ago and I shot my first roll of film this morning during a shoot with a new model (new to me), Kisa Hues. I dropped that roll off at my local camera shop after the shoot and now I’m waiting to see if I did a good or did a bad.

Shooting film is fun because it forces you to think about what you’re shooting before you shoot since you’re limited to 24-36 shoots instead of 128GB of space. I think I’ll bring a roll of film with me for every shoot and shoot a roll as a side project, just to get more experience with shooting film.

Let’s see if I ditch digital for film.

Bishop Jackson