Patreon "Rebuilding"

I had a couple of months recently where I was getting a little, and steady monetary traffic on my Patreon but that dropped off. I still haven’t figured out how to market Patreon to people on the Internet, or find the people who are into supporting the people of Patreon, so I’ve been putting together ways to make it a little more appealing to people. With that comes one new tier and a more frequent update system.

The new tier that I added is a VIP tier where Patrons of this tier get the perks of all of the previous tiers, both the PG Content with BTS Content as well as the 18+ Content with BTS Content tiers, with the added prize of early access to new photo sets up to a month early as well as up to twice a month (in addition to the regular sets posted).

As for the new update system, I’ve been shooting a lot more lately and have material that I haven’t released to Patreon yet, so I’m able offer more content. The plan is to gives everyone a new photo set every Friday in both/either the PG tier or the 18+ tier.

While all of this is going on I’m also looking for new things to offer to Patrons and potential Patrons to make it more enjoyable and appealing to you, so look for updates on that.

And for those of you who may not be aware of my Patreon, you can use the link above or click here to check it out. Hope to see you over there.

Bishop Jackson