Goodbye Instagram?

I was thinking about things and stuff while at work yesterday regarding the money that I spend on the photoshoots that I do with most of the models that you've seen over the past year and how all of that money (paying the model and renting spaces to shoot) comes out of pocket from my personal funds, and how I have that to everyone for free.

That was all cool several months ago when I first started to build what I'm doing now as far as who/what I want to shoot and developing a shooting and editing style that I feel happy with. But now that I feel I'm at a place where 90% of what I shoot is amazing (although still room for improvement), giving my work, my art, away for free is coming to an end. 

The Internet has made everyone feel, both fans and artists, that non-tangible media should be viewed and consumed for free. It start with music, then cinema, and the latest that I've noticed is visual art (photographs and illustrations). The think that I hear from a lot of artists in the photography field, both models and photographers, is that most photographers have to do the job they don't want to do (weddings, parties, etc.) to be able to afford to do the things they want to do (arts photos, etc.) as well as afford to buy equipment without spending their own personal money to make it happen. As much as it makes sense and I get, that's not something I'm looking to do. But it's hard when most people don't support art(ists) financially.

 I say all of this to say, within the next few days I may be killing Instagram when it comes to posting my art work (nudes, implied nudes, lingerie, creative projects, etc.) and shift everything over to Patreon completely. I've have plenty of work on the Instagram platform for you to get an idea of what I do and for you to see if you like my work or not. Now it's time for you to pay to see what's coming going forward. I will still be on the platform to interact with models and fellow photographers, as well as to network with and find new models to work with, but that's most likely all it will. E for.

I hope that most of you who are following over there and enjoying my work enjoy it enough to come on over to Patreon and support the work financially and get more of what you've been seeing on Instagram. I'm trying to do big things like some of the artists I admire in the photography game.


Bishop Jackson