What Is This Podcast?


My podcast is finally here! Well it’s not fully mine. Me and the homie Eric have finally got together and made the podcast that we’ve been talking about for several months happen. “What Is This Podcast?” The two off us get together every week and discuss a range of topics from serious issues to silly bullshit. Occasionally we may have a guest (a friend, someone we’ve worked with in some way, etc.) come join us to converse.

The first episode of the podcast is available now here, or via your favorite Podcast app via our RSS feed below. We’re currently submitting the podcast to the big podcast hosts (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher), and I’ll come back here to update you on when they’ve been approved and made available. Also, you can follow us on Twitter at @WhatsThisPod to stay up-to-date on that information and more.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, share it, and interact with us online.

What Is This Podcast? RSS Feed: http://www.bishopjackson.com/witp?format=rss

Bishop Jackson