Power Morphicon

It took me a week to recover, but I'm also missing being there.

Last weekend was the 6th Power Morphicon was held in Anaheim, California, and I got to be there an experience it. It was an experience.

To start, I'm lucky I'd planned to fly out to Anaheim a day early because they announced a few weeks before the convention that Austin St. John wouldn't be able to make it to the convention but would be doing a "Day 0" signing and photo op the day before the convention, so of course I had to be there for that. C'mon! It's Jason! That alone was crazy. There were at least a good two hundred people there and Austin, to my knowledge, managed to see everyone in line.

Day 1 started off a little, well a lot, crazy as the system that they were using for badge pickup had people in line, some inside, some outside in the hot Southern California sun, for up to 7 hours. I was one of the lucky one who had the badge within 5 hours. So I didn't manage to make it onto the convention floor until about an hour and a half after it started. Because of that I passed on the two panels that I'd planned on sitting in on that evening and hit the floor to meet and get photos with Rangers. With the exception of the actors that didn't make it to the convention at all (Amy Jo Johnson and David Yost) I got to meet and get a photo with everyone from the MIghty Morphin and Zeo seasons (my childhood seasons), minus Johnny Yung Bosh; I don't think he was there on day one. But I also got to meet actors from Time Force, possibly my favorite season of Power Rangers. The first of the Time Force cast, and the first actor, I got a photo with was Deborah Estelle Philips. Man was she amazing! Not only is she still beautiful, but she was so welcoming. She was willing to talk to everyone who approached her all night if you wanted to; and I would have if I didn't have to make my rounds with everyone else. From there I made my way on to Nakia Burrise (Zeo & Turbo), Jason Faunt (Time Force), Catherine Sutherland (Zeo & Turbo), Karan Ashley (Mighty Morphin), Walter Jones (Mighty Morphin), Claire Blackwelder (Dino Charge), Steve Cardenas (Mighty Morphin & Zeo) Ms. Appleby (Mighty Morphin, Zeo & Turbo), Kate Sheldon (Time Force), Davi Santos (Dino Charge), Brennan Mejia (Dino Charge), Kelson Henderson (S.P.D., Ninja Steel) & Alycia Purrott (S.P.D.). There were more people that I didn't get to meet because they were there Saturday and Sunday (Day 2 & 3), and I had dedicated those days to panels.

Day 2 & 3 as I said were all panels. And there was a lot going on. So much going on that I missed big panels and announcements because I had to get my nostalgia fix with other panels. Sitting in on Pink Ranger panels, Turbo panels, villains panels, Forever Red panels, Mighty Morphin 25th Anniversary panels, Shattered Grid Live panels... It was overload! But some of the things I missed out on were the reveal of the Beast Morphers cast for 2019's season (which I actually caught walking out of the panel as in line waiting to get into the Anniversary panel), as well as the viewing of the 25th anniversary episode trailer and reveal of the other six Rangers who will be appearing that episode this Tuesday.

Also, on Day 3, there was the "Beyond The Grid" panel. For those who are reading the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comics from BOOM! Studios, this gave us all of the excitement for the comic coming in the next several months. Revealing the team for the series after Shattered Grid, which will no longer be Mighty Morphin focused, new Rangers being introduced, the reveal of who's under the helmet of The Dark Ranger (the Ranger from the sentai that we didn't get in Dino Super Charge), what Ryan Parrott will be doing with the Rangers in the Go Go Power Rangers coming, as well as Kyle Higgins' "Soul Of The Dragon" original graphic novel, which is basically "Old Man Tommy", but is going to be dope it seems. And lastly, there was the Ranger Danger Boom Room Live podcast, which was weird putting a face to the voice of the guys from the podcast. But I also got to meet those guys (twice) at the convention which was pretty dope. Cool dudes.

Overall, I wish the convention was still going on. They announced both that the next one will be held in the same location in 2020, as well as that they'll be doing a Power Morphicon Express starting in 2019 which will be a traveling convention on a smaller scale to the main one which will still happen every two years. So that's good news. So, yeah. 2020! I'll be back and hopefully be getting more content to share with those of you who are interested and may not be able to make it to one of the Express cons or the big one. But until then...

May The Power Protect You!

Bishop Jackson