San Francisco Comic Con

While I was meeting new cosplayer friends and shooting with them at Fanime, they all kept telling me that I needed to go to San Francisco Comic Con which was happening in two weeks. I wasn't sure if I'd have that weekend off from work and if I'd have the money to buy a pass. Two days before the convention I decided to dig in my stash and buy a ticket for Saturday. Turned out that it was a pretty decent con; not as fun, and definitely not as big as Fanime, but I enjoyed it. Ran into some old school homies that I haven't seen in 5 and 10 years respectively, took some pretty nice photos of some of the cosplayers, got caught up in a comedy improv performance for about an hour, and spent a lot of money on artist prints and figures.

Below are some of the photos that I took of the cosplayers that I came acorss while there. Enjoy.

Bishop Jackson