Weekend Of Lights

The beginning of the year started off promising, then went to shit with the same promises I was excited for. But it picked up again.

This weekend (Saturday) I had a collaborative shoot with a photographer I met through Instagram (@spacensnapshots), which ended up being at the same location where the homie was going to be some a few friends; so we all got together to shoot one another. 

Sunday night was supposed to be my second trip to the Sonic Runway with someone I've been trying to get together with and shoot for almost a year now, but at the last minute they pulled out and it didn't happen... But both Vy and Aleks were down to go out and shoot at the Runway, so we all got together again. This time I met two other photographers out of San Jose (@rjayrivera and @pjcanaveral on Instagram) who were down to come through the next meet-ups we plan. So a possible crew is forming. Maybe, maybe not, just sounded cool to say. 

 So here are a couple of shots from the weekend. I'm editing these slowly for some reason, so there might be more to come in the next few days.

Bishop Jackson