The Wicked + The Divine


Prior to actually visiting a comic book store a little over a year ago, I assumed that comic books were simply Batman, Spider-Man, and large eyed Anime characters. About three months ago I asked for a suggestion from the guy at the comic book shop I frequent weekly, Cape & Cowl Comics, and ended up picking up the first volume of an Image Comics book, "The Wicked + The Divine". If you really know me, you know I'm super into gods and religion based things, although I am the furthest from being a religious person. And the idea of gods from different mythologies who come back every 90 years, inhabit the bodies of teenagers, do their thing to influence the time for two years, then die (repeat) is cool as fuck to me.

They were already four volumes in when I discovered the series, so that first month was me going in the store every Saturday to pick up the next volume. But once I finished volume 4 I was stuck waiting for two months for the next volume to drop (being that I've only bought single issues of the Riri Williams "Invincible Iron Man" series, plus I couldn't get my hands on all of the previous singles physically). I finally got to get caught up on the series yesterday.

This is possibly the best comic book series I've read so far, and I'm currently reading multiple Marvel character series (Kamalah Khan's Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales' Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, and Invincible Iron Man/Ironheart), as well as two other Image series (The Beauty, Nailbiter, and I Hate Fairyland). If I had to recommend any book for someone who hasn't read a comic book in their life (which I did last night) or someone who has, I'd immediately yell at them to read this. It's a must read.

Can we get a two season Netflix series?