Free Comic Book Day 2017 at Cape & Cowl Comics

This past Saturday (May 6th) was Free Comic Book Day 2017, and I decided to go out to my local comic book shop, Cape & Cowl Comics, and offer the owner my services for a few hours and shoot the event.This being my first FCBD I wasn’t sure what to expect, and this being the store’s second FCBD they weren’t sure how much bigger the turn out was going to be compared to last year’s. It was pretty good. The shop isn’t that big so it was kind of hard for me to move around to shoot, but I did what I could and I think I got a few good photos out of the day. This is only a few. I dropped the rest off to Eitan at Cape & Cowl yesterday, so go check out their Instagram (@capecowlcomics) and Facebook page (Cape & Cowl Comics) to see more as he posts them.

Also, hit up their website,, and stop by the store if you’re in the Bay Area (1601 Clay Street, Oakland, CA).

Bishop Jackson