Strictly Strange Tour With The Kid


This past Tuesday I decided to purchase an extra ticket to the Strictly Strange Tour show that I was going to... to take my daughter. 

Yeah. It was a school night. But her grades are good, so she deserved to stay up late one night. Especially for Tech N9ne. My daughter doesn't listen to much rap at all, she's on her K-Pop thing right now, but she has always had some kind if interest in Tech N9ne; I always say it's a "bonding with dad" thing. So, with her mother's blessing, I decided to go straight from school to a Tech N9ne show. How many 11 year olds can go to school the next morning and say that. 

This was my second time seeing the Strange Music team, with the exception of Brotha Lynch Hung (been a fan for close to 18 years, met him once, but my first show), but her first; first two show as well.

I think she enjoyed it. There were a few moments where she was a little overwhelmed: the opening act, G-Mo Skee was a little bit shocking for me in stage (and I enjoy his music), a couple of Lynch's lyrics were a little "what the hell" for her, and Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko performing "Areolas" at the end of the show promoting women to start flashing kind of embarrassed her. But I think the three pointing shout outs she got from Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko made her feel a little special (we were right in the front behind the barricade). Thank you to both Tech and Kali for that. Plus she said besides Tech N9ne she liked Ces Cru the most. I wanted to get her a picture with Krizz Kaliko when we seen him on the way out, but I don't think she was physically up for standing in a line at all.

Other than her getting tired toward the end of the night, it was fun, and I think I'll be taking her to more shows when I come across All Age events.

Other than the videos I threw up on Snapchat, which are gone now, this is the only photo I have from the night. I was having too much fun with the kid to try to take more photos or videos. 

Bishop Jackson