Let's Schedule Some Shooting For 2018!

I didn't do as much shooting as I wanted to do in 2017. I want to do a little more next year, so I'm putting out the call to schedule shoots for 2018 now.

The plan is to do scheduling in 3 month blocks. So right now I want to start scheduling for January, February and March. The last week or two in February I'll start scheduling for April, May, and June, and so on.

With that said, every Saturday and Sunday is available to shooting, as well as March 29th (Thursday) from noon to 10:00PM. So if you're interested in shooting with me in 2018 send me an email and we can work out the details.

Also, there will be some traveling happening next year, so I will post updates with that information if I have some time during those trips to schedule shoots.

Looking forward to shooting with some new people, so send in those emails.

Bishop Jackson