Power Morphicon 2018 / Los Angeles Trip

Power Morphicon is happening in August of 2018 and I'm planning on making it to this one. While taking a trip to Anaheim is a quick and easy flight I still feel like making more of a trip to the Los Angeles area, so I'm considering not only doing three days at Power Morphicon but spending a full week in the city (of Angels).

Now, this would only be beneficial for me if I'm doing some photography, so I'm taking this time to look for people who are interested in shooting with me. I’m looking for:

  • any cosplayers who may be attending Power Morphicon that would be willing to meet up one of the days before, during, or after the convention to work together on some shoots,
  • musicians in the L.A. area who are looking to have some photos taken either as promo, or have studio sessions they’d be willing to let me into to photograph them
  • models in the areas looking to have some photos taken

I know this is a long ways away, but I’m planning early because there are some other things I have planned for this trip. So if you’re reading this and you’re interested in either of the above, shoot me an email and we can keep in contact and work out some details as August gets closer.

As of now I’m planning to be in Los Angeles from either August 11th through the 20th or August 16th through the 26th, with the convention days being August 17th through the 19th.

Also, if you’re just planning on being at Power Morphicon, think I’m a cool guy that you came across on the Internet, and just want to meet up and hang out at or after the convention, shoot me an email about that too.

Bishop Jackson