"Underworld": I Think I'm Done...

The crew was out chasing girls back in 2003. The movie theater across from the mall was the spot we'd hit up the most. One night we sneaked in and split up to go watch movies, two of us ended up in a screening of "Underworld"; I was one of them and I was in love with the movie by the time we left (even though I missed the first 15 minutes, I ended up renting the DVD from Blockbuster later). 23006, "Underworld: Evolution" came out. Don't think I seen it in theater, but I was still liking the series. 2009, we got a prequel, "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans", that was necessary but was entertaining. In 2012I wasted both my time and a date's time as I fell asleep during "Underworld: Awakening", but loved the idea of a pure blood hybrid, so I was excited when I found out two years ago that we were getting a sequel to "Awakening", hoping to see what Selene's daughter would do.

Welp! Today I risked my life, being 60% over a cold but still ventured out in cold, wet weather to see "Underworld: Blood Wars" and I was disappointed. I won't give too much of the film away, but I will say, in case anyone else was waiting to see Eve (Selene's hybrid daughter) kick some Lycan ass, you don't. Or maybe you do. I fell asleep again during this one and the new white haired character could have been Eve, but there was something at the end that suggests it wasn't. But I don't know. The movie wasn't good. The way the set up the premise of the film it could have been dope, but they dropped the ball. Kate Beckinsale is still a sexy vampire, but that's about it, besides something that happens to her physical appearance toward the end, which I think was shown in the trailer.

There's really not much to say about it other than I should have listened to that 18% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but I wanted to believe it was going to be good. I think I'm done with this franchise, and I'm not looking forward to the sixth film that they're planning on making.

There's one more franchise coming back at the end of the month that I think I have too high of hopes for, "Resident Evil". But unlike "Underworld" I THINK they're going to end it with this one. So regardless of if it's bad or good, or at least holds up to the good films in the series (the last one was horrible) I'll be happy to just see how it all ends.

Bishop Jackson