Vinyl Grabs #2: "Quelque chose à propos d'Avril"

Tonight I took a trip to my record store to grab some records to start work on a new instrumental project with and ended up coming across a record that I need to add to my "personal listening collection". If you know me, you know that I'm a big Adrian Younge fan, from Ghostface Killah's "Twelve Reasons To Die" and the Black Dynamite soundtrack to Bilal's "In Another Life" and his group Venice Dawn. With the release of Venice Dawn's "Something About April II" earlier this year, I'd been waiting to grab the instrumental version of the album, just to add to the collection (and maybe even sample from), but I wasn't keeping up with the release date of the project so I was unaware that it had been released until tonight. So I grabbed it. If you're unfamiliar with Adrian Younge and/or Venice Dawn, head on over to Linear Lab's Bandcamp page to check out some of his work.

Bishop Jackson