Comic Books #1: Ladies of Marvel

Over the past two years I've been getting into reading comics, lightly and mostly DC titles. But this years, specifically the last two months I've been reading a lot more and have drifted over to Marvel Comics, and most of them being about or having female leads.

I read "Old Man Logan" in ;preparation for the "Logan" film next year (the last Hugh Jackman "Wolverine" film). After than I picked up "X-23 Complete Collection Vol. 1" since she is the character they are introducing in the "Logan" film, and I really liked that book, specifically her origin story which is creative, dark, and sad at points. I realized that Marvel isn't all happy and flashy like I assumed based on the films and their focus on Spider-Man and Iron Man. Also being a person who loves females in anything creative, the way they portrayed X-23 was dope to me, so I picked up another book with a (majority) female center, "NYX: Complete Collection".

After finishing that one earlier this morning I went out to grab a few more books to read over the next couple of weeks. One that I wanted was "Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection", but the first book wasn't there so I decided to stick with my female lead books and picked up the following books:

I'm hoping that this are all dope. The Spider-Gwen one caught my eye because it's in a alternate universe where Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy switched places in the well-known story involving the two of them. Also Ms. Marvel was always something I looked at because the cover art for issue #1 looked dope to me and after reading the synopsis and learning that she is a Muslim teen who lives a double life I had to read it. Silk was one I grabbed because I liked her look, and she's another Spider person; I always found the not Peter Parker Spider people interesting (waiting to see if there is anything out there about Peter Parker's granddaughter who is also a Spider person, based on her cameo and short description in "Old Man Logan" I have a feeling she's super dope).

So, let's see how all of these books turn out and what I pick up next.