DVD Additions #1

Since I've been reading a lot of comic books this past year and a half, I haven't been buying as many DVDs as I use to. So I decided to go out today and pick up a couple. Initially I wanted to add to my martial arts DVDs, but didn't find anything I was interested in at the moment, so I went on over to the horror section to grab a few movies. "The Witch" I seen in theaters back when it was released, but I liked it a lot and always wanted to watch it again, so I had to grab it; plus there's always extra material on DVDs. As for the "Underworld" franchise, I've just always been a fan of it (and ALMOST anything else vampire) but I never bought the DVDs, and although I felt the last installment in the franchise ("Awakening") was trash, I figured why not watch everything again in preparation of "Underworld: Blood Wars" coming out next month. "I Spit On Your Grave"... I've heard that this was a good movie, for people who aren't weak and can handle gore and potentially offensive subjects and visuals, but I could never find it online (illegally). Let's see if I like it as much as I hope I do. "Irreversible" is a film I've been looking for on DVD for a while. Not sure if it was just recently un-banned in the United States but when I watched it a few years ago I loved it. Now if I can just find a copy of "A Serbian Film" on DVD! You may or may not know that I love Björk, but if you do, you may have heard me talk about the movie "Dance in the Dark". Now I hate musicals, with the exception of "Idlewild", the two "Devil's Carnival" films, and this. I wasn't looking for this, but something made me flip through the musical section before I left the store and I found this, another DVD I've been looking for for a while (now to find "Under The Juniper Tree").

I also had a copy of the complete series of "Bewitched" in my hand (yeah, I'm an old white lady on the inside), and as much as I wanted it just to have it I didn't think I'd find myself really watching it that often. Now if there was a decently priced copy of the entire "I Love Lucy" series, that would have gotten bought!

Bishop Jackson