Super Sentai & Power Rangers

Anyone who has known me for 3 years or more knows that I've always been a huge fan of Power Rangers, both growing up and as an adult, and with the creation of the Internet, YouTube, and Wikipedia, finding out that Power Rangers was not an original American concept but that it was an adaption of the 16th season of a 16 year long (at the time of MMPR's premiere) Japanese television series called Sūpā Sentai Shirīzu (Super Sentai Series), I felt in love with that as well; first watching a few random episodes that made its way onto YouTube, and later buying the Super Sentai Zyuranger Complete Series on DVD earlier this year

Power Rangers may have just been reintroduced to the majority of people's mind because of the movie that's being released in March of 2017, but it's has always been a thing for me; if you've ever been around me when I received a text message you'd know. I stopped watching Power Rangers very early on the "Power Rangers Zeo" incarnation of the series and thus never seen "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", and for some reason with all the DVDs I've bought over the years I never bought the first movie on DVD. I went out today to grab that and the "Turbo" movie (so that I could watch them along with the podcast I've been listening to lately, Ranger Danger Podcast, as well as just to own), and came across the complete series of "Gosei Sentai Dairanger", the series that the White Ranger and the Thunderzords were adapted from for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of MMPR, and later the other five Rangers for "Power Rangers Super Megaforce" (a series I haven't watched yet).

Besides buying the Dairanger boxset for collection reasons, I wanted to go back and watch the series while listening to another podcast a found a while back, Super Sentai Brothers. This is just the beginning of my NERDness for Power Ranger. One day I'll bring myself to buy the complete Mighty Morphin and Zeo series (and maybe Turbo if I end up liking it) on DVD, but it's hard to when I can just watch on Netflix anytime and anywhere I want to.