San Francisco Comic Con

While I was meeting new cosplayer friends and shooting with them at Fanime, they all kept telling me that I needed to go to San Francisco Comic Con which was happening in two weeks. I wasn't sure if I'd have that weekend off from work and if I'd have the money to buy a pass. Two days before the convention I decided to dig in my stash and buy a ticket for Saturday. Turned out that it was a pretty decent con; not as fun, and definitely not as big as Fanime, but I enjoyed it. Ran into some old school homies that I haven't seen in 5 and 10 years respectively, took some pretty nice photos of some of the cosplayers, got caught up in a comedy improv performance for about an hour, and spent a lot of money on artist prints and figures.

Below are some of the photos that I took of the cosplayers that I came acorss while there. Enjoy.


You may know that I've made a few friends in the cosplay world over the past year through my photography. Two of those friends, Lovisa and Audrey, talked me into going to my first (well, kinda second) convention that happened this past weekend.

Being that this was my first and the size of it, it was a little overwhelming, in a good way, being there for 3 days. It was fun. And a lot of great photos came out of it, some you can see below, more you can see on Instagram, and some you can see on Patreon as full cosplay photo sets (coming soon, so sign up). I also met some new cosplayers and ran into some cosplayers and photographers I currently know. All in all a fun weekend.

So here are some photos from the conventions. Stay tuned to the Patreon Page for some new sets coming soon; cosplay and some other good stuff being shot in June.

Prints! And Print! Giveaway!

So I ordered some test prints from the shoot that I did with Allie Summers two weeks ago and they came in today looking pretty good; minus me not liking having the 8x10 crop of the original 8x12 shots., but since the standard for more people who enjoy photos is 8x10 I figured it'd be better to go with.


Since the photos came out dope on the first edit/print, I decided to put together a giveaway for some or all of these 8 photos. So while I'm trying to figure out how I want to do this, go follow @bishopjacksonphotography on Instagram to stay updated on what the giveaway will be, when, and how to enter. Also, if you head on over to my Patreon page and pledge $20 or more (Tier 3) you can get a print sent to you with you pledge, as well as access to this entire set (24 photos in total).


With the latest shoot I did last week, being that I paid the model for her time, I didn't want to just give everyone all of the photos for free so I took a few days to figure out a way to get the photos from the shoot out to the people who are interested in seeing them but also a way that I could benefit from. Patreon seemed to be the best option.

So here it is! My Patreon! (Click the image above to check it out.) I didn't want to just have Patrons paying for photos that I'd take anyway, so I added a few rewards and perks to paying monthly to be a Patron. Let's start with the current pledge tiers:

  •  Donations: Starting at $1, you can donate to the Patreon if you are necessarily interested in receiving content before it reaches other social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter) and just want to help with costs that come up in making photo shoots happen.
  •  Tier 1: For $5 or more a month you can get access to all archived photo sets and "behind the scenes" material. Everyrhing will be available to Patrons of this tier a month after they're released to Patrons of higher tiers. So for example, you'll get access to April's set the first of May. Everything will be compiled into an archive folder labels by months and downloadable (maybe not videos, videos may end up being streams).
  • Tier 2: $10 or more a month you get access to all material as its competed. As well as access to all archived sets and material. 
  • Tier 3: $20 or more a month you get the rewards of Tier 2 Patrons (access to sets and material as they are released, archived sets and material) as well as a 8x10 print from each photo set every month mailed to you. 

These are just the beginning reward levels. As time passes and I am able to provide more dedicated Patrons with more and better rewards I will add higher reward tiers for those interested in more. 

I'm hoping that this is something that everyone who is viewing and enjoying my work is into because it will allow me to provide you with more, better, and more creative work as well as allow me to do things that I've been wanting to do but have been unable to due to time and/or financial hurdles. 

Than you to anyone who has become a Patron so far. Telling a friend about this and posting it on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and/or Facebook will be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated as well.

See you over on Patreon!